Winter Advice for the Elderly – 5 Top Tips

Keeping healthy during the cold winter months is often a source of concern for elderly people and their families. This is even worse in recent years with the cost of living crisis making it harder to stay warm and healthy. So how do the elderly stay healthy during winter? To stay healthy during winter, elderly […]

What Is End of Life Care?

Many people struggle with knowing when they should organise end of life care for their loved one, or how it works when they do. This can cause added stress in an already emotional time, and not being ready for the care when it’s needed could leave the individual without the care they need. We’ve made […]

Is Live-in Care Better Than a Care Home?

When looking for the best care options available, many people are unsure whether live-in care or a care home is the better choice. This blog will help you understand which option suits you best, and what to consider when making your decision. So is live-in care better than a care home? Live-in care can be […]

10 Tips for Keeping the Elderly Safe at Home

In recent years there has been an emphasis on the significance of preventative measures for keeping the elderly safe at home. Through proactive planning and the implementation of preventative strategies, it becomes feasible to maintain better health well into senior age. Whether individuals are in good health or prone to poor health, taking these steps […]