Our Domiciliary Care Services

We offer the High Wycombe alternative to care homes for those who want to enjoy a vibrant city life while receiving the highest quality professional domiciliary care and support. Book a domiciliary care assessment today to find out whether it’s suitable for you or a loved one.

At Homecare Gurus, we ensure every client is treated with compassion and respect. We have a management team of qualified and knowledgeable experts and apply a detailed vetting procedure to all our colleagues. We know that choosing the right care is important, therefore we have a dedicated team happy to help you choose the correct care that is best suited to you or your loved one. You can trust us to help you continue living an independent life from your own home. Find out more about our domiciliary care services below.

Our Domiciliary Care Locations

High Wycombe, Marlow, Bourne End, Beaconsfield, Wooburn Green, and so many other areas close to High Wycombe.

How We Help

Types of Domiciliary Care

Our domiciliary care enables you to live the life you know and love, surrounded by friends and family. With our domiciliary care in London, you or
your loved one will continue living independently at home whilst receiving expert care.

Visiting Care

We offer the type of care you need when you need it. Instead of moving a loved one into a care home, you can receive the most appropriate care plan from the comfort of their home. With plans ranging from one hour a week to 24 hours, our carers can help with a variety of tasks such as cooking, cleaning, medication and social visits. Home care visits are common around meal times, for example a breakfast visit, lunch visit and dinner visit.

Overnight Care

At Homecare Gurus, we offer one-to-one nightly care from one of our fully trained carers, meaning there is always someone there to assist with toilet breaks, medication dosages or moving position in bed. Around 1 in 3 adults over 65 who live at home will have at least one fall a year, and about half of these will have more frequent falls. This commonly happens at night when people are disorientated.

Live in and Round the Clock Care

When you choose Homecare Gurus, you can rest assured knowing that there is someone in the home to assist with domiciliary care at all times. This means your loved one is never alone and receives the highest quality tailored care. A carer will stay in the property in the day and night and will help with personal hygiene, visits to medical appointments, cooking, cleaning and other household chores.

Tailored Care

Our Domiciliary Care Plans

To make sure we keep providing the best domiciliary care plans for our clients, we perform an initial assessment so we understand the unique needs
of each individual. Our plan includes:


Everyday tasks can get harder with different conditions, whether it be a minor injury or more long-term conditions. Homecare Gurus provides personal care in your home and at your convenience, and can help with continence management, administering medication and rehabilitation and enablement programmes provided by a health and social care professional.


It can feel very isolating being at home on your own for long periods of time. Our carers are employed by us because they love what they do and it is their aim to add a little sparkle to the day of our care users. They can be available to support contact with family and friends; engage in a hobby in or away from the home or join in with community activities. We can help support scheduled appointments e.g. doctor, hospital, district nurse, plumber, gasman, cinema, theatre, social visits and more.


We recognise that having a clean and tidy home is very important to all of our clients and their families. Our team provides support with dusting and vacuuming, cleaning the property, changing the bed linen and towels, laundry and ironing, cleaning floors and other housekeeping duties. We are also available to support correspondence and help with shopping.


For the body to work properly, it is essential to have a balanced and nutritious diet. We understand that sometimes it can be hard to know what to eat, this is why we can work alongside a diet plan created by a doctor or dietician ensuring we serve meals that are both tasty and nutritious. Along with sticking to a meal plan, our carers can attend your weekly shop with you to help implement this plan into your everyday diet.

Where We Are

Where Do We Offer Domiciliary Care?

We offer domiciliary care in these locations: High Wycombe, Marlow, Bourne End, Beaconsfield, Wooburn Green, and so many other areas close to High Wycombe. If you live outside of these areas, please contact us as we may be able to assist you.

Our Services

Why Choose Our Domiciliary Care Services?

Choosing your care provide can be a tough decision, so here are a few reasons why Homecare Gurus
Care could be the right choice for you or your loved one:


Each member of staff has completed enhanced DBS (criminal record checks). These checks ensure our carers are safe to work with vulnerable adults.


We conduct a face to face interview where we ask scenario based questions, questions relating to skill, theory based questions and questions relating to ensuring the carer is of good character.

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We get in contact with our team member’s last employers to ensure they are reliable, trustworthy, hardworking and of good character.


Our care team has been employed because we believe they can help brighten our client’s days. Each carer has been through the “grandpa test”. Would I let this carer care for a family member?


Our care team are experienced in caring in both professional and personal capacities. Our staff have a varied experience of working in nursing and other care professionals.


Here at Homecare Gurus, we understand what is important to our clients and endeavour to provide the same care assistants on a regular basis. This helps to develop a genuine and trusting relationship between you and your care assistants.

About our Domiciliay Care In High Wycombe

Domiciliary Care involves an experienced, qualified and vetted carer looking after someone from the comfort of their own home. This can be flexible from 2/3 visits a week right through to 24-hour care.
Our fully trained, accredited and experienced carers can provide help and support with personal care, housekeeping, companionship and dietary care. Our friendly and experienced carers always aim to provide a top quality level of care that you are happy and comfortable with.
Domiciliary care allows you to stay at home in familiar surroundings and receive expert and professional care surrounded by loved ones, allowing for as much independence as possible. Residential care involves moving into an unfamiliar environment and eating meals and going to sleep at set times, visiting is normally restricted and care isn’t frequently one-to-one.