Overnight Care: Should you Consider it?

Overnight Care: Should you Consider it?

We at Homecare Gurus Ltd know that dedicated care doesn’t stop at the end of the day. Help can be required at any time and with an overnight care service, help is literally available even when the sun goes down. But what is overnight care and how can it benefit you?

Why would I need overnight care?

There are several benefits of overnight care such as easing an individual or family’s anxiety about being alone at night. But it also helps in many other ways, including:
• Support with administering medication through the night.
• Assisting with toilet breaks.
• Regular help for changing position in bed, particularly after an operation or injury.
• Help with complex care needs and better overall health.
• Someone is on hand for those living with conditions such as dementia.
• Extra peace of mind for your family knowing someone is available around the clock.

Finding reliable and trusted overnight care is sometimes the deciding factor in allowing people to stay in their own home, rather than considering residential care.

How can Homecare Gurus Ltd help?

Homecare Gurus Ltd can assist in several ways, whether it’s providing a live-in carer, a sleepover service or night-sitting service. We’d love to talk about your requirements, so feel free to contact us.

Nightly support from your live-in carer

If you have a 24 hour live-in carer, he or she stays in your home and will be available to support you overnight as well.

Our sleep-over service

With a sleep-over service, your carer will be on duty throughout the night. How long they are needed for is flexible and up to you.

Our night-sitting service

We also provide what we call a night sitting service or an overnight respite service. This is where we arrange for a trained carer to keep you or your loved one company so your regular care provider can take a break.
Find out more about our London-based services here.

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