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Home Care
(Domiciliary Care)

Home care is much more than personal care, and for many it’s as simple as some extra help around the house and peace of mind for loved ones.

Companion Care

Companionship care can be life changing for those who are lonely but still want to remain in their own home. Companionship care aims to reduce or prevent loneliness.

Dementia Care

An early recognition and acknowledgement of support can help families establish care as part of the daily routine, helping those with memory loss to remain independent

Live In Care

Live-in Care is when a carefully selected and fully trained, professional carer lives with you so you can remain living in your own home.

At Homecare Gurus, we are committed to making our client’s lives easier daily, and this is evidenced by our passionate approach to delivering high-quality care.

We provide care services within Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire.  Our services include getting ready for the day, medication assistance, shopping, food preparation, social events, companionship, cleaning your home, and assisting with bedtime routines.

Homecare Gurus can assist with:

  • Getting ready for the day
  • Bathing & showering
  • Medication assistance
  • Shopping & food preparation
  • Enjoying social events
  • Companionship
  • Cleaning your home
  • Getting ready for bed

Your Local Home Care Support of Choice

Our Carers are fully trained to make observations and record all necessary information during their visit.  We promote accurate record keeping as a reflection of the quality of care we provide and our professionalism in providing care.  This ensures transparency and accuracy of our service which in turn gives you peace of mind.  By understanding our clients, we are able to effectively provide the service required. 

Our Carers are trained to record the following:

  • The time they arrive and leave
  • How the client is feeling (joyous, happy, sad, gloomy, etc) and why, based on conversations with the client
  • If our client has eaten and rehydrated
  • If our client has taken their medication
  • If our client has attended their appointments
  • Any other information to ensure our client is receiving the care and support they need.

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We provide support and care to ensure our clients are safe, comfortable and living independently in their own home and that their dignity and wellbeing is maintained throughout.

Our service provides a helping hand with household chores, assistance with medication, and companionship visits.

All of our home care services are tailored around your needs, thereby giving you an option of remaining in your home for as long as possible.

Our home care service is not just here to support you at home; we’re able to take you to appointments, to the shops, to meet up with your friends and family, or even on a day out.

We believe that companionship is important and recognise that having a friendly and trusted person to talk to can really elevate someone’s mood.

As the years progress, elderly people inevitably lose family members and lifetime friends, which can leave them feeling cut off, with no one to talk to. Additionally, mobility problems can get in the way of going out and participating in activities. Whilst older people are most vulnerable to social isolation, there are other groups who are also at risk. Loneliness doesn’t discriminate and can happen to anyone. Companionship carers are able to empathise and communicate effectively.

Caring for people with dementia at home

Our relationship-centred approach enables our home care assistants to provide personalised care that helps your loved one remain safe at home, builds confidence and encourages engagement.

Our service includes provision of nutritious meals and mealtime activities to encourage healthy eating, creating opportunities for social interaction and provision of stimulating activities Builds self-esteem and enhances physical strength Helps to understand different behaviours and needs Supports the family to help you take a break from some caring responsibilities.

You can rest assured that you will have the right team in place to look after your loved one with dementia

This is the very best solution and a great alternative to moving into a care home. You will have a personalised care plan tailored specifically for you ensuring your wishes and requirements are always put first. You have no stress of moving and you can continue to lead your own life from the comfort of familiar surroundings knowing that all your needs are being exceptionally well cared for.

Our live in carer lives with you, promoting independence and choice. They will live discretely and within your preferences, ensuring your wishes are met each and every day. Live in carers are a preferred choice by most of our clients as they are able to live in their home, in a way they wish.